Friday, August 26, 2005


Things are better today.

I still am not happy but am deffinatly perkier today.

I went into a new yarn shop. It had A-LOT, HUGE amount of Crystal Palace yarns. I really like the colors of the Kid Merino but how is it to knit with?

Anyone tried it?

Knitting on a sock.


Karen said...

Sorry to read about your funk. Hope you are feeling better soon! >

Rox said...

Sorry you are so funky.

Wait, that didnt come out right.


Oh come on, you know that was funny!

Are you feeling any better. I mean, even just a tiny bit? What can I do to help? Eh. You say it, I'll do it.

Have you seen the pic of me at 10 years old in the bathing suit yet? A sure cure for the blues. Its on my 100 Things page. Go on, I'll wait.

See. Dont you feel just a little better now?! >