Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I am thinking about starting the mystery shawl. But the fiber is drying on the deck and really I should fold the laundry and find the doglets and get them to bed.

I am excited the yarn harlot is coming to town. Who will I see and who will I meet? Don't forget the camera....Anyone else going?

I am tired because we ran around today doing stuff. Its fun to do things together that normal one of us has to do on our own. That's what sucks about my new schedule. We have no days off the same and I don't go to bed until 0300. But I do get three days off in a row.

I heard there was a queer SNB in town other than the one at mabels. I am going to have to do a little more research to make sure it is still happening.

Queer Knitting stuff for sale from Sharon a fellow PDX QK. She is donating half to Human Rights. Its fun stuff.


knitsmo said...

I'm going to miss the Yarn Harlot! Ackkkk! Why, oh why did my sisters and I schedule our vacation for this weekend? I hope you have fun! >

Donni said...

Miss Purl - I tag thee! >

pleutim said...

Have you already seen her? (I probably missed you mentioning when she was coming.) Ask her why, if she can travel all over the country and into the next, she can't make a trek about 3.5 to 4 hours north of her own home and come visit me? We knit up here too!

Can't wait to see progress pics of your shawl! I'm working on my first - Kiri - and I'm finding it rather enjoyable. >