Thursday, August 18, 2005



I am doing car is very very sad. :(
I have all sorts of appointments and I still hurt.

Thanks for the thoughts.

I will be back in a minute.


Rox said...

What? I'm gone for a few days and you go and get in a wreck?! Are you ok? Was it a bad accident - or just a bump.... I'm worried about you!

Can I do anything? Offer anything? Lemme know. >

Christine said...

I hope you feel better! Nice eucalyptus (sp?) and epsom salt baths...must do! Will feel a little bit better! >

eyeleen said...

SOorry to hear about your car. I hope you're feeling better soon. >

Mandy said...

Ohh, that's awful. I hope everything is resolved favourably and that you are feeling better soon. >

Deb said...

I'm sorry! Does this mean we won't see you tomorrow?
If you need a good massuesse let me know? I know of two great ones (different styles). Also a great accupuncturist! >