Friday, August 12, 2005

Comment issues

I am having a small comment issue.

I try and email all commenters or leave a little note on there blog.... but I am having a small issue with the comment thing... But I think it is all resolved. But if I missed you...I will be there is a second.

Back of what I made in a second...

Knitting Arrows is my mystery SP from 4... I can't wait to see her new project.

I am still in love with the bag my SP sent me. IT is my new accessory. I want to take it with me everywhere. Its perfect for my projects. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I have decided my one sock was yicky so I knit a new one that I like much better and am currently just over turning the heel on the second one. I suspect tomorrow there should be a pair. I want to make some booties with the rest. Any Bootie pattern you recommend?


marti said...

The bootie pattern that I use is pretty fun. I will see if I can dig out the url and send it to you. >

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle,

I really hope your Backtack package will arrive soon, Í´m sitting here, crossing my fingers! I talked to Alison about it, and she said surface mail can take up to 2 month... So that would mean End of Agust, hope you dont have to wait that long! I also havent received something, there was an Angel needed to step in for me..
When you absolutely dont get thew package, I will sew something new for you!!!! :o) >

Anonymous said...

Yay! Score 1 for the SP5! :) >