Friday, August 19, 2005


Its an Oscar the grouch moment.

Only there is wool trapped in there. Can't you hear it yelling.....

Yarn: HELP...HELP. O knitter of my highest esteem won't thou bring me through this trying time.

Me: Yarn I don't know what to do. There is not a way to pry thy wooly self out.

Yarn: O Knitter I am fading fast. I am being absorbed by the toxins in this coffin.

Me: Yarn O yarn stay with me. Fight back those evil toxins and be free be whole. You are but a future sweater and stripy socks. O Yarn stay free. When thy is free we will be so happy together. Knit a future together.

Yarn: Knitter the time is near. My cone is being crushed my soft woolliness but a memory. Won't thou rescue me.

Next time on crushed in a trunk

Will Yarn be rescued by Knitter??? Will they be able to build a life together?


Jenni said...

The swap is tomorrow at Deb's at 10. Come trade your wool for something else! >

marti said...

poor yarn. i hope it gets rescued soon! >

Erin said...

do the back seats fold down? >

Anonymous said...

You are a crazy creative woman Danielle. Keep your chin up, things are looking better. My prediction, yarn will be rescued by cute butch dyke weilding a crowbar. >