Sunday, August 21, 2005

In a funk

I am in a funk!

I also might verbally attack you if you come within five feet of me and speak....or look at me in a certain way.

I am in a funk!

My normal nice self has left and only a crabby, grouchy, steaming, pissy Danielle is left.

Please just step over me.


This makes me feel better Profile Pic


Agnes said...

Are you okay? Obviously not in a good mood ... maybe go out for a nice afternoon/evening walk ... that may help to ease your mind. Best wishes all the way to you! >

Agnes said...

Mmm ... if the kitty pic helps, I have more here:
Enjoy! >

Rox said...

Oh yeah, well - aldhkke dkwiwp wpjmv ;jwppp.


Sending gooood wishes your way chickie. SOrry for the the crap week - can only get better eh? >

pleutim said...

I am sure I have to be one of the Queens of Funk. Lots of fun, eh? Thankfully, I'm not in one today; sorry to hear that you are. Kick someone hard. That usually helps. >

FaerieLady said...

I understand the funk thing. :-) >

Suzanne said...

My asstard of a roommate put me in such a mood yesterday. She wouldn't LEAVE MY ROOM. My room. Mine.

I totally feel you. Oh so much. >