Saturday, August 06, 2005

Secret no longer

A secret unveiled.

But they are secret no longer look at the most wonderful things. This bag is wonderful it is perfect. I can't stop touching it and taking it with me. It even has my little picture and my logo on it. There is a label on the inside to. I have a picture of it to but its kindda not so good. I will get another.

That is a picture I took outside looking in on the very first house I lived in by myself. That is the bathroom window. This house was smaller than almost any house you have ever been in. The lights in the bathroom went out and never got fixed so I strung orange Halloween lights in there so I had light. Its a very fond picture for me.
I have blue toes! Because I can't have blue hair.

Inside the bag was filled with decadence. Look at the pretty card. Her daughter picked out those stick on earrings because they have little turtles on them. They are super cute.

There was also this..... It is incredibly soft and fluffy. I am in love with this fiber.


Donni said...

Yay Miss P - glad you liked it all. >

Deb said...

Love the bag and fiber! I think I have some that color too.
You are so sweet to leave that comment! I'm glad you had fun meeting the Harlot. >