Friday, May 13, 2005

Stitch marker heaven

Lots to click.

For some stitch marker, zipper pulls, and just a sense of the odd. My other stash enhancement. Plus a gift to gift.

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These little babies are just a few of the fun things I picked up this weekend (my weekend is Thursday and Friday) Not pictured is a scuba diver, leaves, and an owl that were bought at a different shop. Some of them won't work for stitch markers because of there shapes but some of them will. This one and this one make me smile. I also picked up some more beads and other bits for a good sit down session. I like making stitch markers they are fast and very fulfilling. They also are a great way to use really spendy beads that for jewerly are out of the budget.

TIPS : Earrings and Stitch markers are made the same. Sheep in the city has a nice demo of how to make stitch markers. Dava Bead is one of my Fav local bead shops they have a great tip section as well.

You can use spendy pieces with a simple ribbon for a necklace that involves no tools. A pretty piece with some hand dyed silk is quite nice tied in a bow in the back.
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Look what Rox sent me. Rox even made me some stitch markers. I have a few that will wing there way to her. She was the SP4 I sent to. I very much enjoyed her daily writes. (I still don't know who was sending to me. But Hi and Thanks a million I loved everything. She spun yarn for me.)

I have been away from home this weekend and its a little weird. Continuously from work to beach to work. I feel a need to settle into a comfy chair and stay put for a minute.

Spinning stuff tomorrow.


marti said...

can't wait to see your spinning, and your stitch markers! >