Sunday, May 15, 2005

Spinning up a storm

What should I make?

I have approximately 400 yards. It goes from about 14-18 WPI. Some of it is over twisted but it has yet to be set. I got PVC to make a niddy- noddy this week.

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The wool is blue faced leicester from North West Wools here in Portland. I enjoy the colors but I am ready to move on to a different color family. I have used the pink/yellow/orange variation in the last two things I have spun. One a brighter version then this one. I am thinking the purple family next.

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This little one is a Romney wool single I spun up a week ago. I bought 16 oz to try dyeing. It has so far turned out well but its drying at the other house. It shall hopefully be spun up tonight. Not all 16 oz just the two large chunks I dyed. I didn't have a scale so I measured out a arm span twice roughly 10 feet/3.33 yards. I figure I should get a pretty basic system of how far so much goes.

I am also still working on the Martha Cardi. The back is a little over half done. I have been only working on it at work, but I am going to take it to knit group tonight. Maybe I can make it to the neck decreases.


Rox said...

Ohhh...ahhhh! 400 yards - hmm. A summer scarf/shawl?

So impressed with your talents chickie! Spinning, knitting, stitch markers - the girls got talent!
:) >

marti said...

should be enough for the branching out scarf, maybe add a repeat and make a stole? >