Monday, May 02, 2005

a big spindle

I think my pictures show my large purchase well.

Excuse the happy dog being good and sitting for a photo. He just happened to be in photo mood. I also could not get him to move, stubborn dog. If you click the picture you can see all sorts of other pictures. I am up in the right hand corner, but a bit blurry.

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This is not the first bobbin I spun. That one is a bit chaotic.

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We drove home and I sung "bought a spinning wheel, bought a spinning wheel, I bought a spiiiiiiiiiiinning wheel today. Its exciting, its exciting, its terrribleeeeeeee exciting. Gonna spin, gonna spin, gonnnaaaaaaaaaaaa spin some wool today" all the way home.

I have been knitting to. Knitting socks and froggin sweaters. What can you make with 800 yrds of charcoal grey cotton?


FaerieLady said...

Oh you lucky ducky! Nice wheel :-) >

eyeleen said...

nice spinning wheel! lucky you! Cute doggie as well :-) >

Karen said...

Cooool! I look forward to watching what you spin up! Congrats! >

Deb said...

Wow! congratulations!! I'm so excited for you. It makes me want to dust mine off and have a spin along:) >

K said...

Wheeeeeeeeeee! I'd love to take a spin on your wheel! hahaha! congrats.. so excited for you! >