Monday, May 23, 2005

Martha, Moving, and More

I found yarn this weekend for two more projects? One is a lovely white wool about 2500 yards. Its on a cone which makes me happy because it will most likely be one giant piece. I have purchased many cones from this company and never run into a knot in one yet. I may go get more of this color because it would be great for dyeing and I have an idea I want to try but I must wait for them to wind them down to smaller batches. Right now they are on massive cones three or four pounds except for the one I bought.

The second one I got is a bluish/charcoalish tweed. It has highlights of red, white, blue, and grey. I don't now the yardage of this one but it is about a pound and a half. I swatched this one last night and it became fairly soft when washed but does nothing for cables. Have to think.

My Martha is up to approx 25000 stitches. She is almost a back.

Yesterday we had a family meeting and movie watching get together. I had to put her down during the meeting because my family drives me nuts. I love them dearly they are all my favorite people but they just drive me batty. My sister and I are both moving the same weekend. She is getting most of my big furniture for her first apt. You would think this was rocket science. Its not. This will be move seven or eight for me in the last five years. I am so tired of moving I can't wait to get down to the bare bones of my stuff and just get rid of the rest.

On the same note I am not looking though goin through all my stuff that I have packed and hauled around the last couple of years. I have acquired way to much stuff.

Things I am not sure whose home they are going to:

  • Sewing machine with its own hiding table?
  • How much yarn can I take with me. I have to much but...?
  • Clothes that I have not worn or unpacked in the last three moves?
  • Do I want to move the UFO box?
  • The oil lamps and glass collection?
  • Do I really need that much nail polish?
  • Books...Lots and lots of books?

It is to daunting to think about any more. I am going to go knit and think of really good reasons to keep something I don't really need.