Wednesday, May 04, 2005

didja know

Last night I sat on the couch knitting and spinning. I had Cody muffin on one side of me. Stevie Roo at my feet. They both snore and I am used to there snoring. While I am sitting there I hear a foreign snore. I halt my knitting and look to my feet where Stevie lays he is not snoring and Cody is just looking up at me. I realize it is coming from the entryway. I look from my spot on the couch under the rocker to the stairs. There a rather large creamcicle fluffball is sprawled out and snoring.

Did you know cats snore?


jodi said...

My cats snore all the time! They're elderly and obese, so it's sometimes quite loud. >

susan said...

My kitties didn't start snoring until this last year. They are getting older, 8 or so, but they aren't obese. Maybe their necks are flappier or noses more plugged - who knows? >