Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bead It

Look at the wonderful stitch markers my bead it pal made me. Miranda, Tales from an Aspiring Yarn Maven sent them they are all so pretty. I was floored when I opened the package and this handful fell out. She even put a bumble bee on the envelop. I am very excited to get to use them on my Martha. Thanks so much Miranda!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the roving I died then Navajo plied. I like the colors and it has no pink, orange, yellow in it. I am going to try making some more. Out of the sections I dyed I got 100 yards. It has two large repeats of the color. I like how the colors turned out they did not get real muddy so its a pretty solid color fade. This is fun

Martha did not make it to the neck decreases this weekend. I had to work more than knit. I am shooting to have the back finished this week. I got to go to queer knit this weekend and knit with some very awesome people. I very much enjoy all there company and look forward to hanging out with them again. That means Marta too.


Lauren said...

Lovely handspun... and very cute frog holding it :) >

marti said...

i keep meaning to try navaho plying, but need to get the stuff that i am spinning at the moment done first. >