Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Idea (well a spark)

Process (this is my kool aid dyed yarn)

The greatest message leaver in the world and her little dog to.

The reason I can't work on the Idea.

What I hope to see soon


FaerieLady said...

Love your Koolaid dyed yarn! That's a very good reason to not be able to work on your idea though... --Kae >

Suzanne said...

Your yarn is fabulous! I love the color combination and how it turned out. Great work...
http://lusciousfibers.typepad.com/ >

Anonymous said...

Your kool-aid dyed yarn is beautiful!! It's subtle and neutral. I love it.

http://www.stitchnbitchlafayette.us >

MartaCycle said...

Way Kool!! Is that what you were hoping for? >