Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I might snap

antiquity- ancient times;Especially the times preceding the middle ages. The people, especially the writers and artisans of ancient times.

acquisition- gaining

Erudite- rough, untaught, rude & having or showing profound knowledge

Ephemeral- lasting for a very brief time

The new philosophy calls all in doubt
The element of fire is quite put out;
The sun is lost and the earth, and no man's wit
Can well direct him where to look for it.
And freely men confess that this world's spent,
When in the planets and the firmament
They seek so many new; they see that this
Is crumbled out again to his atomies....
John Done (1572-1631)

Atomies - a tiny particle; a mote

I can't wait to get my nose out of this book tonight and go home and pick up the needles. But wait I forgot that I snapped the needle I was working with last night. Snapped as in broken. I love my 5's and now they are in broken knitting needle heaven. Or will be shortly when I go home and extract my poor pitiful 5 from the project it was in the midst of making.

It was not my night last night. I have been working on some little flowers from the Vogue knitting flower scarf. One or two a night before I go to bed seems to be good. Last night I made one and then the yarn snapped and the flower fell apart. Then the above mentioned death of the five. I don't know if I want to go home and proceed. Maybe tonight should be a little bit of organization and deep heart felt search for another 5.

Tomorrow my blog is going to get a face lift. Peachy background and new pic.

Good night world.


Marti said...

I hate it when needles snap. It really impedes progress! I am looking forward to seeing your new *do* on the blog. >

Anonymous said...

hey past SP. i've knitted up a hat with the natural jo sharp yarn that you sent me and am 1/2 way thro a scarf. i love it and love the yarn. do you know where i could get 2 more balls? did you by it recently or is it something that you had? if you could tell me the name of the shop you got it from i would love to call there and order more. thanks!! laurie >

Deb said...

I have an extra #5:) If you want to trudge on over here to get it. I never use that 5th needle in the package. I would suggest a Sunday meetup, but we are driving up to Seattle for a little pizza research. I will leave the needle in the restaurant if you have time to come and get it. Just let me know. >