Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Give and Get

I started my day out rough.

I have no car, to much homework, wierd work hours, and not enough time in the day. I feel like I am leaving people out who I should see, and can't. I feel very selfish that I just don't want to see any one or do any thing. I know I need me time and it is not happening and the molment which is hard. I can't even get myself anywhere to just be away for a minute I would be happy with a nanosecond.

All this crap is making me stressed and tired.

basically I am having a very bad day. Just craptacular and people are being....People.

I came into work with this attitude and have been here for little more then an hour. When in walks the flower lady. Guess what those flowers are for me.

During the ice day my Father and I gave a ride to a family across the bridge and they sent us the flowers to say thanks.

12 long stem white roses.

I think I can handle the day now. I think it will be ok. I just got to get back to the simple be nice and do nice.



Marti said...

what a wonderful surprise! good things do happen to good people. and you are the best. thank you for the gift certificate. >

MartaCycle said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day. I sooo know how the no car thing feels - Yuck. It takes so long to get "there" and with the planning, noise, and out of normal comfort zone it is stressful. Hope that rights itself soon!

I never expect to get flowers but am so delighted when it happens.

Thank you for the "Tea". Very thoughtful and came to me as a delightful surprise at the end of a wacky/stressful day. You made me smile so thanks! >

Anonymous said...

now that is a cool cay...hope your're having a better day!
Lynne >

Anonymous said...

did you even understand that post? I was trying to write it while I had some windows updates going on! What I was trying to say is...
that is a cool dad! Hope you are having a better day!
Lynne >

Danielle said...

Thanks all!

They are pretty now in half bloom.

D >