Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Braking the cycle

I don't wake up every morning ready for the daily adventure. I start with a lazy smile and the ritual hitting of the snooze button. I like to wake up in a manner more fitting to that of a slower life style, relaxing in the arms of early morning slumber.

I like to stretch my days long into the night. Finding little pieces of my day to mull over, laughing at the obscure, and wondering about the future. It pleases me to make a night of sleep worth taking. My beds is a cloud worth falling into, from feather topper to puffy down comforter. It’s a wonder that I ever leave dreamland. Alas at morning's smile I find last nights book under the pillow and the phone hidden safely under the covers. With a roll and a stretch I gather my things and get ready for an adventure and endless discoveries.


Marti said...

This was an enjoyable post to read! >