Monday, January 10, 2005


I am on a orange binge.

That first tangy taste of orange on my tongue keeps me going back for more. I am craving oranges. I have avoided oranges my whole life because they give me hives, but now I am finding myself reaching for the OJ and looking over the tangerines, blood oranges, and even the grape fruit. I am only great full it is Oranges and not chocolate.

I might have to buy yarn tomorrow..Where from and for what? Well I think it should be I am looking at both Highland wool in a blue tone or the cashmere wool. To stash for a perfect project!

Decisions decisions.

SO many people start school tomorrow. Like Sara from Downward facing life, and Steph from Knit Steph, we have a class room filling up of students who knit.

On that key I am going to go eat an Orange and go do some studying of Math.


Suzanne said...

ooh, you've made me want a tangelo! >

FaerieLady said...

(whimper) Now you've made me crave a blood orange, and we don't have those here... eat one for me!! --Kae >

trackingprojectbackpack said...

Have you had clementines yet? OMG, they are so good and are only available between November-ish and March-ish. DD will eat 3 in a sitting. YUM!

lynn >