Saturday, July 16, 2005

Summer lovin

O summer you have finally made it to my town. I can go outside and eat (get eaten by bugs) I can bask in your warmth (get a sunburn) I can take a lovely walk with out fear of rain (get hit by a sprinkler at noon) I can even knit out in the shade.

I have been enjoying the sun brake the last couple of days. Driving in my car is the best because then you don't have to hit the sauna. The toxins are bleached right out of you as you bake. The windows down at 55 produce a very intoxicating breeze, if I could just cruz this fast every where.

I took a trip pretty much know where on my days off. I spent much time sleeping then not being able to sleep at night because I slept during the day. I hide in the shade of the house and tried not to come within 30 feet of opening the car door until after the sun set. But it is mighty pretty to sit in the office and look at the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds. The moon a couple nights back was very yellow. A happy half moon of light a very lovely beacon to drive toward.

I think summer is finally here. I hope it stays in check for a little while. No need to roast us out right off the bat.

Happy summer lovin to all!