Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bumble bee on a dandelion

The best thing about not mowing your yard is the dandelions. If you don't have dandelions in your yard well you are missing out. I like the bright yellow heads happily dancing about. Stevie looks cute jumping around in them making them go swoosh. But if you sit still and watch you can pick out the lovely little flowers that droop for just a second as a bumble bee does its business. Its like a little bow at curtain call.

I have had a very chatty week. Not really chatted in person but talking with all sorts of bloggy people. Thanks peeps.

What is next?
Besides the million projects that I have started I want to try another shawl. I don't know if I will use the same pattern or another. So I am on the watch for shawls that I like. Which is not hard because they are all so pretty. I am also trying to think of a new color combo. I have a tendency to lean toward the same colors together and want to branch out a little. I go a color wheel which I adore. I am thinking something with a reddish rose color.

I ordered some fiber from FaerieLady Fibers which I am in great need to get to. I mailed it to my Mothers house so that it would not get eaten if it landed on my doorstep. Eaten by thieves. That and the postman has been known to throw things over the fence and not leave us a note on the door. Who knows how long it could sit but the gate and never be found. I am excited to see and feel it.

I have two pairs of socks at hand, my Martha cardi, and merino silk on the wheel. I guess I should get cooking.

Have a wonderful day all.


Jenger said...

My boys love to have me put them in my hair. Them my funny daughter ruins their fun by telling them that dandelions are just yucky weeds. (she is at that wonderful pre-teen stage_ >

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Purl - how's life? It's very windy here - like - really windy. Noticed you've been looking at the handspun! SP >