Sunday, July 17, 2005

Forever frogging

Just dropping in to tell you all how much I hate frogging. Life lines are a pain in the butt to put in but if it means I don't have to frog than I am all for them. The only problem is that I just keep thinking one more row than I will put it in. Then, one more row again. By this time I have gotten cocky and screw it up and curse myself for not putting in a life line. The current shawl has two life lines in it. I don't know how I screwed up the one pattern row but it could have been I was knitting while watching tv. I don't think I was actually watching tv as i was listening to it. I should do the audible books thing. I know several others do and it seems more inviting than sitting in front of the tube. I do watch the History channel, discover, and lots of animal planet. I also seem to be into the Gilmore Girls right now. But books have so much to offer.

Currently I am reading Forever Amber. It is over fifty years old but it is still a great book. A little predictable but worth the read. I have a system where I pick the biggest book I can find because it will either be really good and last a long time, or suck in which case someone tried really hard. I am always a little sad to put a book down once I have gotten to know the characters. Its really not fair they have to forever live out the same couple hundred pages for eternity. I also have a hard time parting with my favorite books.

But I have calmed down from the shawl mishap and shall now continue on. It is a race to see how long my singles will last. I am hoping they make it to the end.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I hate frogging too - but seem to do a lot of it! >

marti said...

there has been way too much frogging going on up here too. and i agree, it does seem like summer finally decided to show up. >