Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What is a sock to do.

Its job is to lounge around waiting for a photo shoot. Accessories provided by Becky.

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This lovely pair of socks is displayed in Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Farm house yarn. A stunning colorway that is just not captured on film very well. The rasphberry, navy, and olive green appeal to my color palette. The cable though hard to see is captured here in a close up.

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Ok enough with the weird lingo.

This is a mix and match sock. I used Twisted Sisters workbook for the picot cast on, twisted rib cuff, and the round toe. I found the cast on a little inelastic so most likely will not use that for a sock again but I do like the twisted rib. The round toe will have to wait until I have had it on longer then five seconds. The Cable is from Teri's braided sock a fun cable that is real simple. The heel is from I am Knitting as Fast as I can and is a Beate's heel (six sock knit along). Very nice and comfy and simple to do. Steph from Wildgeese does this heel and kindly showed me hers.

The socks are a good fit and now I am working on a new pair and deconstructing sweaters for the big project.

I will be away for the weekend at my Grams with my Mum. It was her Birthday last week and we are going to go gamble. I am also going to stop in Carlton and look here. I might come home with a new addition to my collection of fiber goodness.


Steph (aka knitsmo) said...

The socks look fabulous! I'm glad the heel worked out for you. I can't wait to see them in person. >

Lauren said...

Beautiful, Danielle! :) >

K said...

Lovely! >

marti said...

beautiful socks! i am bummed that you are going to be out of town this weekend as my knitting buddies and I will be in Portland! >

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful cable running up that sock! I've become a sockaholic - with no apologies. Thanks too for the tips on getting started!

All the best, and thanks for visiting my site as well, Kimberley >