Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sometimes you need to laugh

This picture cracks me up.

Image hosted by

Loves you honey!

I have been knitting away on the farm house socks. Two cuffs done.

I have also been spinning my brain out. I am getting much better at joining. I don't have little tuftlets hardly at all now. I do have some fuzzy spots every now and then been for the most part my singles are all about the same. I have almost finished the 4.4 ounces. Then I will have to learn to ply it together.

The dogs think it is cool. They want to stand under it and look at it spin. no one has tried to bit it yet but they are thinking about it.


FaerieLady said...

Great job on the joins! It just takes a little time... before you know it, you'll be spinnin' and plying like it's as simple as breathing! >

jodi said...

Um, what is that thing? >

Danielle said...

it is a purple wig that is smooth on one side and has spikes on the other.

It is very odd. >