Monday, April 25, 2005


I signed up for two swaps this weekend one for stitch markers.

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And one for a notion case. Both sound great. I am excited and gathering up things as we speak.

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I finished two things this weekend. Both turned out really well. I can't wait to share them.
So with the finish of a couple small things I am ready to start a big thing. One that is not two by two ribbing. I think that cardi is on permanent hold for the moment. I just can't fathom 10 more inches of two by two ribbing. I need a long car ride forit to progress much.

I am looking at Martha or Jenny in the cardi version in Rowan 37. It will all depend on how my yarn swatches. I am recycling some nice cotton sweaters. The yarn is lovely but the sweaters need help. It also helped they were half price at the local goodwill. I got two Angora wool sweaters one in pink and one in blue, two cotton one beauty queen red the other black, then a chunky blue and white wool sweater. Grand total for five sweaters worth of yarn 12$.

Much is boiling in my mind. But somethings just need to simmer a bit.


marti said...

my very biased opinion?