Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I like it

Thanks for the affirmative on the cables with multi colored yarn. I like them so they are staying.

I knit at work.

I keep my knitting between my keyboard and my elbows, the yarn ball tucked in to a box to contain it. I have a crochet hook in the out box and a darning needle in the roll out drawer under the keyboard. Scissors and a photo copy of a ruler live amongst the normal office clutter. I keep a project in my locker at all times...Sometimes there are more than one.

When helping people I set it down and they have a tendency to look at it , some will ask questions some will grab for it. I hate the grabbers. First off they are reaching over the counter into my space and second I don't know them. Sometimes its ok if we do the I look exchange or I hold it up to them but never is it ok to just reach over. I love when Knitters come in and can tell me what I am knitting. Most the time its pretty easy to tell. Some times they ask about the yarn or pattern. It just makes my day to talk with some one who has actual interest and a little knowledge. Most are visitors to the state and I can tell them about knitting shops or about some of the local fiber artists.

I talked with a knitter today. She was nice. We talked about cables in multi yarn. She likes them in multi yarn. Called it cozy. I agree.

Thanks mystery knitter lady from cally. I hope your cabled scarves go well and your daughter likes LC.



marti said...

so when are we going to see these mystery cables? i can hardly wait! >