Saturday, April 23, 2005

My precious

I attended the Handweavers annual sale and I came out with some very beautiful yarn. The weaving was spectacular. They had the most beautiful scarves, blankets, and baskets. They were all very beautiful and had demonstrations of them all. But all a little out of my budget range. However due to the amount one needs to weave and the amount of yarn one needs for knitting I got some very beautiful hand dyed yarn for some smaller projects. Angora wool and mohair in very rich jewel tones.

Also at the Convention center was the Annual Portland ceramic sale, jewelry, bead, and metal show. We did not have enough time to see them all due to the lighting. There are plans to go back today to see the rest. It is possible I just want more yarn to.


K said...

Ohhhh I'm going to the ceramics showcase today ( have a few friends who have booths there ) and am so excited to go to the handweavers sale! :D Yippie!!! >