Monday, September 25, 2006


I am not counting or anything....Honest.

Its just that I went to the fiber fair and I want to play with what I got. I want to show you pictures and samples.... You know gab about what I got with someone who cares. But my camera is out of batteries and I am still at work.

There are several really wonderful things that I want to play with. I got a variety of different types of silk to try. Some for carding and mixing and some for dying. A silk cap, bombyx noil, silk hankies. I really wanted to find some fabulous bombyx silk to dye but I did not find any. But I know where to get it. I will play with my others first.

I also got this pretty pretty braid of merino silk It might have a third fiber but I can't double check at the minute. Its more muted tones than I would normally go for but the flow is very pretty. Pictures to follow when I get batteries.

One of my favorite things I learned about in my spinning class way back in March was about this company in MT that makes these prepackaged batts in all sorts of weird combos. One called Montana cowgirl that is purple and denim with little bits of this and that. The other is sinful tears and its this real hot reddish pink with highlights of silk. I want to rip them open and spin outta my bubble.

The only yarn I bought was blue moon fiber arts harlotty sock yarn in lightweight. I picked it out for socks for Sonny then put it back so she could pick out her own colorway....Daunting task when faced with a whole booth of colorways. She picked out the same one. Makes me smile. Its a green and yellow and brown combo.

Then lastly I got an item I have been coveting to dye....mohair locks. I would have loved kid mohair locks but will settle with youthful mohair locks. All white and fluffy not as soft as kid but close. Break out my dyes and get to cooking. These are very pretty locks no vm and already washed some are teased out a little but most are still clumpy but not hard.

Can you see why I am jumping to get home and play. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. 3 hours and 10 min to go.
Pictures will follow...maybe tomorrow once I get my fix.


Donni said...

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