Thursday, September 07, 2006

Little this little that....

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Knitting pretty good. Does not look like much...You know how lace looks when its not blocked. Scrumbble bumble all scroochy faced.

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looks a little better all spread out. Can you guess which shawl it is? The yarn is silk and quite lovely. Blue moon fiber creation. I went to the Farm house knit wed night knit night. It was a little different than the other knit nights I have gone to. They were all very nice. I hope to be able to go again. The person who dyed my yarn was person I actually met her two nights in week.

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So other than making some really silly stitch markers. I was to lazy to go and find my base metal supplies so I used sterling...kindda silly but very pretty. This the necklace I made. It took a long time. But I got to wear it to a musical. Little Women...Very good muscial. You would not think it but I thought it was quite nice.

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And finally what has been spinning. Lots of spinning. This is a big bucket and its overfull. But I have had fun.


FaerieLady said...

There you are! I was worried about you.... (p.s. have a box of fiber samples to send, and maybe a pressie or two...) >

Donni said...

Necklace looks very very nice...and check out all that spinning. >