Monday, September 25, 2006

Question of celluar nature

Do we all own cell phones?

My house has two plus a house phone.

Thats a lot of phone calling to justify. LOTS.

I remember being a teen and calling people and talking for hours....I mean hours. But now every conversation is short sweet.

  • Need bread ok milk to ok love you see you later.
  • going to knitting be back before nine loves ya
  • yeah I can let the dogs out love you bye

I don't rmember the last time I had a more indepth conversation. I lie my mother can talk to me about nothing for hours. I don't remember what she is talking about sometimes but she has a nice voice to listen to.

So I have been listening to more then the phone recently. I have been listening to Cast On a lovely little pod cast. Quite nice to knit to a lovely mix of humor, music, and info.

try it.


marti said...

i think i shall! i haven't had time to look into podcasts yet, but i think it's time has come. >