Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sinking and shrinking

Sinking that's what I have been doing sinking into the Harry Potter books. Its true I had not read them...Even though Sonny has been bugging me to. SO we went on a beach trip the last weekend of august and I started....I just finished number 6 tonight. Ummmmm J.K. Rowlings hurry up and write some more....PLEASE. Do you know what happens when you google Harry Potter? Don't try it.

I used to read anything I could find. But as an adult staying up and reading 800 plus pages in two sittings is a little harder to do. I still do it but I don't have the ability to sleep through my job like I could math class. But reading a good book is so warm so comforting. I have moved enough that I have taken my rather large collection to the bare bones....It grows still but I haven't kept as many so so books for a while. I am very happy to add the Potter series to my trove. Finishing a book always makes me a little sad. I don't want to leave my friends or never find out how they turn out or end up. Its all in someone's head and I will never know what truly happens. Do you think authors have a final end for there characters in the end? Weather they write another book or not?

What do you think it is that makes a book so good that you want it to continue? I can't imagine having grown up not having read a zillion books as a child. Which is better the adult section or the young adult section of the library? I as a young adult could not stand the young adult section always went to the adult section now I have some of my favorite books that are young adult books.

What book have you stayed up all night to read? Most recently the Potter series but always Little Women has been my kicker.

I was so busy reading I did but knit half a row on my shawl tonight.....But now that I have finished those books I guess I get to press on. ...I am at the last of five repeats of a somewhat boring part of the shawl.

Are you a muggle or a witch?


Annie said...

I haven't even watched the potter movies let alone read the books, I think I would rather watch them, that way I could knit at the same time. A book by Anne Bartlett (Australian) called Knitting, was a book I couldn't put down, it was a wonderful story and I think most knitters could see themselves as Martha, I know I could. I am the same I would love to know what happended to Martha (and characters of a book), sometimes I think they leave it up to the reader to think what happens or what they would think happens to the characters. >

Rox said...

She's back?! Harry Potter was the reason you were gone for ...years? Who is this dude? And why has everybody on this planet except for me and Annie... read these books? Eh?

Missed you. Don't leave us again. I'll cry. And stuff..

;) >