Friday, September 29, 2006


My Alaska roll just rolled across my desk.....

Work was crazy. A little depressing even. Fridays are a long day for me. Friday is my Monday but also they day I take the bus to work. I get up around 730 and have to leave my house by 810 to park at the max park and ride. I ride max till about 910 where I catch a bus up the hill to start work by 10. Now I love to ride the bus and max but I work a ten hour shift. It is 810 pm by the time I am catching the bus back down the hill. I don't get home until a little after 930. So all in all my Friday is wiped out in a whorl wind of travel and work. The good thing is I can knit knit knit like crazy on the max.

I have less than 25 rows on my shawl and am through the first pattern on the fair Isle hat. Last week was not a knitting week. I need to be up to the decreases on the hat by next class and I want to finish the shawl. So I Can go SOCKTOBER crazy. Abundant Yarns is supposed to have a sock sale..... SOCKS>>>>>drool.

SO my long day is at its end and my sushi is finished.
Good night Dear Yarn Friends