Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spinning wheel keep on turning

The recently spun merino. There is still a bit to spin yet. This is a lovely eggplant that for some reason I decided to put with a lavenderish grey. I am not as excited about this color combo as I was when I started. I am happy to say look no kinks. This one is not overspun to the point of death. Happy Merino Happy.
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My other new spinning project was this lovely merino tencel. It has a lovely shimmer and shine. It also spun up really quick and easy. I was have a bit of an issues with the merino slipping out of my fingers and twirling away. It gave no regard to the fact I was trying to make yarn. It and my fingers finally found a happy medium. We produced a very nice little bundle of two ply.

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Next we have a group shot. It is not all of the yarn I have spun but it is all that was lazily lying about. Some of it is from the drop spindle and some from the wheel.
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Next I am going to try and photograph the great package my SP sent me.


FaerieLady said...

Gorgeousness! Great spinning, beautiful results :-) >

K said...

Your spinning is making me dizzy! :D I so have to learn to spin! >

Anonymous said...

Ahhh - you are so sweet! A little kudos goes a long way...down the the southern hemisphere in fact...SP >