Wednesday, June 22, 2005


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This is last year with my broken foot. In that pile of stuff on my lap is knitting. It is still a UFO. But it is a pretty one. That is also a picture of thinner me with shorter hair and no glasses.


I am trying to decide weather I like the short hair or I like the long hair. I will have to find a picture of me with longer hair. But it has gone from a short pixie to a longish layered coiffure.

I have those shoes on today.

I think it is going to leave. I like the short makes me feel stylish.

Knitting is happening so I am making this short.

SP Gotta get one more row done.


FaerieLady said...

I love the picture you posted before with your short hair. It suits your face so well, and you look very chic with it.

Hair debates must be abounding... I'm contemplating cutting mine again, it's grown out a lot in the past few months. My hair grows *fast*. >

Anonymous said...

"just keep knitting, just keep knitting, knitting, knitting, just keep knitting"....:)SP >

Rox said...

Ohhh... you are so cute! I say go with the pixie cut. You wear it really well and its sooo easy to take care of!

I seen somewhere that they can cut it with a razor as it will give you choppy ends and kind of a edgy look. I dream of this haircut!

Must be in the air...this whole getting a hair makeover/change deal. :o)

Rox >