Tuesday, June 07, 2005

To shop perchance to relax

Is that backwards? Shakespeare says "to sleep perchance to dream?"

I relaxed the other day...I went shopping.

I enjoy shopping for things other than cloths. I don't have a lot of money so I shop at thrift stores. Not all the time but when I have a need for things I don't need. Like more sweaters to frog. Don't really need more but I got some more because ummm..well ummm. I wanted them.

1. Pink angora/merino wool This can't live at my house so whilst I am still moving it has been frogged and washed and only needs to be knit up. I will have to do this knitting at work because of a certain someone's angora allergies. It is super bulky I am thinking it would be cute hats for Thanksgiving bazaar. A couple cute little scarf hat sets.

2. Martha is knit out of a reclaimed cashmere sweater. Imagine my surprise to find another Martha sweater in a different thrift shop. Its kind of cool. This one was a smaller size so it found a new home in its current sate.

3. Pink lambs wool/cashmere this one my mom snagged as a good one so it has beat the frog pond for a while.

4. Silk/nylon/and something else. This one is really very pretty it has a base of red than has short tweedy like color variations. Its very soft and has a light shimmer to it. It does have a couple holes in it but that should not be to difficult to deal with.

5/6. I found a great thread fiber art book on the history of fiber arts and different ways they have been used in the past. Great photos of amazing fiber art. Very interesting. Lastly I found a super soft tan cone of wool. They also had a cone of misc. pink shiny stuff...But I left it there of another.

I also bought some camel roving and some silk wool top online. As well as a ball winder. I figure if I am frogging sweaters I need a ball winder. Now all I need to find is a swift. I thought I could make one but while the mechanics are fairly simple the process is a little daunting at the moment. But I may make one yet.

Martha almost has a left front. I knit a scarf then frogged it. I spun up some merino but Its kind of crappy looking. I also dyed some more roving to match the frog roving. Its not quite the same but the second batch is much larger and does all match. Look out spinning wheel. O wait the stuff is packed.


marti said...

PICTURES! I demand PICTURES! BTW, did i ever tell you that I love the name of your blog? >

K said...

What thrift stores do you find these great steals at! You may have to take a girl thrift store hopping. :D >

Rox said...

I'm with Marti....pictures!!!! >