Thursday, November 03, 2005


I ordered yarn...

Lots of yarn.....

7105 yards (6496.812 m) of yarn...That's to say...

sock yarn=3570 yards
Lace weight =2475 yards
and Worsted weight = 1060 is all white yarn. But it has a future of become pretty pretty colors. I really only needed the ww to make some hats for presents. It is a 50/50 alpaca wool which I am hoping is not going to be to hot. I was thinking that the alpaca should be nicer on the head than just plain wool.

But the sock yarn was calling to me. I am totally up for dyeing some more stripey socks. I want to try the knit machine method and the really big loop method works good for me.

The lace weight is alpaca and I have not knit with lace weight alpaca or got to dye any alpaca. There is a certain shawl I want to knit up... I went searching for others who have made this shawl and there are several in dark colors that look smashing.

In knitting news the shawl is half bound off...I ran out of yarn half way through the bind off. I must go find a small chunk of purple yarn to finish the last little wink....Or add fringe to the edge..Yeah I would rather find a bit more purple or rip back a row.