Sunday, November 06, 2005


My giant yarn purchase is shipping... I am waiting....Rather patiently

I took apart a sweater to make socks with...Because it is the greatest color and I want to make some argyle socks with it for my sister. They remind me of a pair that my mom used to have that now I have but can only find one of.

Which incidentally is hanging in the bedroom on a hat that is suspended by a dart in the wall.

So as not to make the identical pair I am flipping the colors around. Lavender socks with white and green argyle. I spent night before last learning the argyle pattern. It may kick my butt. SO I am thinking two socks at a time toe to ankle so that if I get butt kicked I can just stop there and call them done. But I am hoping to make fairly tall socks.

And I am in love with this sweater. LOVE

Will I ever knit a whole garment bigger than a pair of socks?


Donyale said...

Don't know why not? I mean, I haven't but I am sure you will one day....and go for the 2 socks at the same time toe up...feels great when you finish. >

Annie said...

Just think of all those socks put together would be more than a larger knitted item. >