Friday, November 11, 2005


I hate very few things in my life....

I have decided that I hate Brittany Birch size 0 short double pointed needles.

Don't duhhhhh me about how I am knitting on a sliver of wood. They are very very cute looking but deep inside them lurks the evil snap dragon. It wants to come out after you have completed your toe. not the soc, but just the toe.

I hate you Brittany Birch size 0 Short double pointed needles.

The only thing that is saving you from becoming kindling is that you were expensive, your cute, and there are five in a package. I own Addi 0 but they are smaller than BB zero's. I will have to look at the addi one's they might be closer to the right size.

Stupid Stupid dumb, annoying, bratty, stupid stupid needles.

I really like the 5 inch size but I do not adore the breakage rate.


Go take a stab at the images below. They will be up for the week and I am still deciding on the prizes yarn. But it will be nice. I might even send you a pair of BB size 0 short double pointed needles....minus the one that broke of course.