Thursday, November 17, 2005


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For the sis.
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The foot....After I spilt juice on it...But all is well.

Do you know the pattern....I stole it from a scarf and I think it works amazingly well. Like These are the prettiest thing I have ever made.

I am thinking like knee height.

Do you like my knitting bag...Isn't she cute...It goes with me everywhere with my current knitting obsession.


the stripey tiger said...

So glad you like the knitting bag. It was my first commission.

As for the drawings, I'm thinking -is it a drawing of a crumpled and folded piece of paper? :-) Stripey >

the stripey tiger said...

Oh and the sock is completely georgeous!! Yes the lace pattern is PERFECT there!! >

Donyale said...

i love the sock -and the bag....glad i commissioned it :) >