Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stolen from Friskyegg

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don't speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.
When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.


Anonymous said...

I don't even know you.... >

Stacey said...

Do you remember the time when we were 16 and went to the local volunteer fire company carnival? It was a warm Saturday night in June and we OWNED the world. You had just gotten your license and we were going to have some fun!!! You kept flirting with this one carnie that was running the baseball booth...the one where you have to knock over the milk bottles. He was from Ireland, over here for the summer and he had friends! We agreed to meet him at a little bar/restaurant around the corner after he was done and we were praying we didn't get carded.

Luckily Gino (the owner of the bar) wasn't in, so we were good to go! WOW! Did we have fun! We were IN A BAR DRINKING! With GUYS! FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY!

Being the good girl of the two of us (of course), I tried to get you to leave. We were out WAY past curfew, but you were having none of that! So we stayed and drank and stayed even later. Next thing we knew it was closing time and the guys wanted us to come back to their tents.

I don't remeber much after that... do you? >