Tuesday, February 08, 2005


1. Lost pattern to a almost finished scarf.

2. I have five pairs of #5 Boyle 10" knitting needles...these are just the ones that arn't in use and have a mate. All together I have around 9 pairs of #5 10" knitting needles.

3. How do you organize crochet hooks. I have a zillion sizes from thread all the way up to rug.

4. I ate two donuts today.

5. I realized that the7 inches of my Angelina really needed to be 9.

6. I got a new teapot, now I need to knit a cozy.

7. I left my tea at home on the coffee table without taking a sip this morning. My whole day has been thrown off by this.

8. I went to do my homework only to find I left the book at home.

9. I went to go to Arobics class only to find I left my workout clothes at home.

10. My math class tomorrow has been canceled.


Suzanne said...

Some good...some not so good. Hang in there - perhaps enjoy an evening cup of tea.
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Lynne said...

Oh, Danielle! Knit the tea cozy from knitty...it was so much fun, and I adorned mine with beads on the ties, which would be right up your alley, being the bead lover you are! have a wonderful weekend! >