Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Seconds always

I am hungry and wish for a good home cooked meal. Do you think if I keep wishing one will magically appear? It used to appear when my parents came to visit me at work they would bring me something yummy to eat. My Dad has been out here twice in the last week and he did not even ask me if I was hungry. So odd for my Dad he must have stuff on his mind.

I have all my non WIP yarn packed along with all the sewing stuff. SO now I can pack the other five boxes that aren't taken up with huge amounts of yarn, beads, and fabric. I am a stasher but Have high hopes for all my projects yet to come.

So a little lovin...

A nice thing to wake up too...

A little blurry but this would be the work in progress 10x10 in royal quilt stitch. It reminds me of fishnets. Look mom I am knitting on plastic needles..so weird. In the midst of moving I found some of my uber nice circ needles the ones that feel just perfect in you hands.

Some of the Maltese crosses and a mitered square. I still need to block these and hide my tails.

but they go in the WIP box until after I move.

I hate moving you would think I would just settle down...But no I got to bop.



Anonymous said...

my hubby is a firefighter and i would like the patterns to the maltese cross you did. crabbe5@sbcglobal.net

thanks >