Monday, August 09, 2004

The Jessie James theme

OOO I wish to be in bed or at least a cuddling...... But Knitting at work is a close runner up.

I tried my luck at the slip stitch dots but alas this maiden dark can't find a dot of the right size. I found little dots and big huge dots but none that fit my square. I will have to sit down and think about it... Preferably before midnight and after 7am.

I may not have got my dots in order but I got my Maltese cross in order and two swatched I just need to figure out the one I like better. One is longer and more open the other is squatter and closer. I am leaning towards the squat one it is just aesthetically pleasing. I think for this mans afghan that a Maltese cross is good. I can also practice my two color knitting. Black on red or red on Black???

Sonny's super secret pink pirate practice square is half way done. Since I have not done intarsia with so many colors I am making a trial and error one first to work out my bugs . It is turning out pretty good. The little Mitered squares that frame the Pirate flag are chugging along. I figure I need a million and I am close to having 12 done. I am using the blah color mixed with a punchy color to create tasty stripes.

I am a minute close to finishing Becky's bag. I made the lining last night after going to the parental units home. All that is left is to join the tops and place the handles. I was having so much fun with my sewing machine last night I made her a little cutting tools and tape measure bag to match. They turned out much better then I had thought they would.

Good. I am going through bitter sweet glory of moving..Again. I am just not enchanted with this apt. Its good on the outside and crappy when you live there. I am going to house sit for Sandy hopefully longer then six months. But of course moving is moving. At least it is just I and Sonny will still be living in her house... I dread and love the idea of us sharing. But extracting her stuff From Becky's sounds horrid.

Its good but tiring to the mind
Knit on