Sunday, August 29, 2004

In rainy rainy land far far a...

I had time to knit...but alas this lame lady has been taken over but the power of moving boxes and a hand truck.

But I did sneak in a couple rounds on the doily the other day at work. Its about the size of my hand now. Yippie. Some where in the land of boxes lies my habit. I am itching to go find it all that wonderful yarn and fiber ..but I am being good and unpacking first. Then I can sit in my new backyard and knit away. I have not even bought any and I was in a yarn shop.

I did however buy a hand full of beads and such... But I needed them to do the necklace for Mels mom.

Mel on her 21 B-day

so I am off to complete that task then maybe make some stitch markers...Or sleep.