Wednesday, February 01, 2006

look what I got

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A wee wonderful made me a drawing! look at the butterflies and the house! Look she even wrote her name!

Thanks Kaela! I am going to hang it on our fridge.

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Here is what else came with the picture. I am excited to try the KM. 

Thanks Donni!
and thanks she who was in SF.


Donni said...

I should have explained a little further about the drawing - that was you (complete with pink bow in hair) and I think she drew your cat and our cat! Glad you got the package (was that the right colour Kid merino?) >

Jade said...

Awe, so very cute! >

MartaCycle said...

Very cute! I miss the art the boys used to bring home from school.

Want to join me at Lint this Saturday to knit and chat? Going there around 1pm until I have to pick Nick up? >

Rox said...

Absolutely the best! What a sweet giftie! >