Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I spent a great portion of the day making stitch markers.
A variety of colors and shapes.
What makes a good stitch marker?


Rox said...

Uhmm.... you?


Love all of the ones you've made me!

And why "31"?

Cuz I'm nosy. >

Cece said...

Lightweight... and fun colors! >

Donni said...

Not too heavy - but pretty! >

Jade said...

I agree with Rox, you make a good sticth marker - lol. >

Annie said...

Nice stitch markers >

Allena said...

those are beautiful! great job. >

RunsWithTrowels said...

i love your beads.
fab stitch markers (for me) are relatively light, less dangly, & fun to look at.
i prefer to have a few that are detatchable from the project... so i can opt to hook them onto an actual stitch & get them off at a later date. >