Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Mission one - to find something to wear with Herman* and try not to laugh at what you look like with Herman hanging on to hair. Thankfully Herman is crystal and not an ugly colored rhinestone.

Mission number 1.5 - remember to wear Herman to wedding.

Mission number 2 - Is more fun. Finish Kitty beds. The yarn is dyed and test one has been made. Sebastian will have a new kitty bed to come home to after his teeth get cleaned. Yes Kitty teeth need to be cleaned every once in a while. (Lecture) Keep up on your kitty vaccinations and don't think it can't happen to your kitty.

I guess there are three missions - decide weather to make Sonny - Janda or to make her Rouge.

*Herman is a hair burrette.


Deb said...

ummmm I just tagged you for a another Book meme:) Come visit my site for info. And I posted what time I'll be at Mabel's Saturday. I know it probably won't work with your schedule. We'll have to find another time:)
Oh yea, I vote for Rogue. I'm vicariously enjoying others since I haven't started mine. >