Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bards Beads and Bobbles

Well no. Bards, Beads, and Bobbles used to be my beading heaven. It lived several places on the Oregon coast and I would go there every time i was near or have my Mom go for me if she was down there with out me. This lovely women had vintage beads, crystal, seed, lampwork in a fashion that could occupy me for hours. She always had suggestions and a great eye for color. She is no longer in business but I still have some of my wonderful treasures. She was such a sweet person she would see the things I was craving and my limited bead budget and in the end while I was paying she would throw in one of my coveted items.

These days I spread my bead love around...

I like Planet Bead which has an ok selection. A wonderful selection of colored pearls and great little bargains.

Dava Bead is one of my favorites. I think the only reason I prefer there selection is because of these.... lampwork. There service pretty much is nill but the beads are plenty.

I also like A Bead Source on Division which has a lot more native American beads and really nice charms.

But today I am going to check out the new one on TV highway.

I am in need of stitch markers so this feeds two habits at once.

Pics of my SP gift soon.


1nderlandwoman said...

Have you found the new bead shop in Multnomah? Between Starbucks and NW Wools. I like the woman that ownes it, you will have to see if you like her selection. >