Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tea Time

Tea Time at Aquila was wonderful.

Yummy soup, apple goodies, salad, hummus, and chips.
oo and brownies.

Thanks Ladies.

I am busy updating the stitch markers and adding a few sets of earrings.
Green has been the color of choice for me recently. I think it has to do with fall on the way. I want to hold on to those green leaves.
But Fall is lovely to.
I have also been spinning some great wool that I natural dyed a few years back. It is so far a single ply lace weight. I am trying to decide if I want to keep it lace weight or ply it for some socks?
It is a tough choice the colors fade from one to another and I would like to keep them so. Each section is slightly different colors then the last and I really love how that appears when knit.....
next choice is what do I want to knit with it once I have it all spun?

Lastly My friend Lea has a supply shop...SupplyRiot and is having a special.

Go see and enjoy.


Beck said...

I miss tea time!! Apples sound nummy right now AND they're green. Green is good. ;O) >

Danielle said...

I heart green apples! >

Leah said...

tea time was wonderful :) >

LeaKarts said...

So sad I had to miss last week & probably this week too :( Tea time is the best!

Thanks for highlighting my shop Danielle! You are awesome. >