Monday, October 20, 2008

Look Ma

Look Ma Blue Hair!

So I did it I dyed my hair . . . parts of my hair blue.

I enjoy it. Though I learned a few thing along the way.

1. It is much easier to dye hair with another person.

2. You really really need another set of hands.

3. Next time I will have a professional do it.

I started out by trying to find permanent blue dye. Well i did not find it so I have semi permanent blue dye in my hair. I bleached out chunks and dyed them blue along with some unbleached chunks. This is the part that another person would have been most helpful. I needed another pair of eyes and hands for the back and sides of my head. To say the least it is blotchy.

But I enjoy it so.

Blue is good.


Beck said...

Yay blue!! ;O) >

LeaKarts said...

Yay, you finally did it!

I love that photo of you two--so cute :) >

Amanda said...

Aw, so CUTE!

I used to dye my hair blue a lot, and I can't say enough good things about bleaching first. It doesn't even show up at all on my hair without bleaching. So, ya dun good. ;) >

weebug said...

so cute! >