Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Weird things about me

I got tagged by my friend Leah to tell seven wierd things about me. I thought this might be kind of fun.

1. I wore Converse sneakers all four years of hs. . . and College. The big joke was that I got up so early they were not always the same color. Moving out on my own I lugged around a laundry basket full of Converse for four years.

2. Given the time and a good book I can sit in a bathtub or a swimming pool and read a whole book. Front to back.

3. I have done a back handspring wearing a football uniform. I did it great in practice and landed on my helmeted head on stage.

4. I have not eaten an eggplant as an adult. My mother has always told me I was allergic and have steered clear of them my whole life.

5. I collect copies of Little Women.

6. Someday I want to live in a barn. A renovated barn...not just a barn.

7. If a group of people are wearing the same colors....I will say so out loud.

Ok I an so normal it is boring.


LeaKarts said...

I love this game! You are so funny--I can just imagine you with your basket of Converse :) >

Leah said...

seriously - a whole basket! I love that you didn't just wear converse for 8 years straight, you collected them in bulk! >